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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2019
I bought this luggage for business travels. I was suspicious at beginning but turned out to be a great buy. There were several loose thread ends when I first received the item (this could be improved by the manufacture to make it even a better product). The materials are really durable. What I really like about the design is it has handles on both bottom and top (I couldn't find another same-size product with this design), easy for lifting and storage in overhead bin. It also has a front pocket which can fit in a 13 inch laptop, very handy for people who need to access their laptops during the trip without carrying a laptop bag. At beginning i was not a huge fun of size of the wheels. They look chunky for an 18'', and you have to adjust the angle of wheels when you try to lay the luggage flat. But later when I walked it up down streets I fell in love with this luggage. I have used it on a couple of business trips, and it was effortless rolling! and it does not make too much noise. My coworkers also tried and liked the feel of this luggage. At this price point, it was a great buy! I highly recommend it!
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