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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2015
This is an excellent novel by Connelly and a welcome departure from his Harry Bosch character. I am a firm believer of not posting spoilers in a review and I will holdfast to this belief for the sake of future readers. However, I am simply amazed at how skillfully Connelly combines detailed characterization with a progressively forwarding plot structure. And, Connelly continues to cover all of the bases.
Jack McEvoy, reporter for the Rocky Mountain News in Denver, is our main protagonist (?) in this novel. His twin brother, a member of the police force, commits suicide after a case gets the better of him. Jack works out a deal with his editor to write the story of his brother’s suicide, more for the therapy than the story itself.
Jack’s family and his sister-in-law are not too pleased about all of this, but Jack feels that he must, at least, for the sake of his mind and for his dead brother’s reputation. Maybe, Jack is just going through the motions, but he makes a few inquires into the ruled suicide and with law enforcement. Questions arise and let it be said that at this point his agreement with his editor to write the story, which the editor really pushed Jack for, becomes compromised in complicated ways.
At this point “The Poet” gets harder and harder to put down. Things are constantly happening and things are constantly changing. Jack doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. I revert back to the first paragraph and repeat that detailed characterization combined with a progressively forwarding plot structure really keep this book moving.
Anyone that enjoys reading police procedurals, suspense, thrillers, and murder mysteries will really like Michael Connelly ’s “The Poet.” This book will appeal to a very broad reading audience. It is basically a stand-alone, so it can be read at anytime. There is a second Jack McEvoy novel, “The Scarecrow”, which is written later. I only hope that others enjoy this book as much as I did.
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