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Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2018
I suffer from Afib and my cardiologist suggested this device as it typically gives accurate BP readings, detects irregular heart rhythms and keeps a record of these details in a form that is easily emailed to their office. The device arrived and was simple to sync to my phone's bluetooth. I checked it for accuracy in the doc's office & they liked that it's readings were only slightly different than theirs. My unit was actually very instrumental in detecting the most recent bout of Afib. It is a nice compact unit that worked well initially. After a few months, it started to have some difficulty syncing, and finally it just wouldn't sync. It still took my BP just fine, but each night I had to log in to my Omron account and enter the readings manually. And on the occasion or two that I had an arrythmia, I would enter that manually as well. I called Omron to see what could be done and they helped me through some steps and it synced again. Yay Omron! But, that evening, it would not sync again. Another call and diagnostic and Omron suggested I send it in to be inspected. It went to them that day and today I called to check on a status. It has been 2 weeks and they have yet to check it in. "Running a few weeks behind" they said. The thing did still take my BP, just didn't sync wirelessly or have a way to record results automatically. So, I've gone from very impressed, to something less than that. I with Omron would have said there would have been that long of a dely. I would have contacted Amazon instead (Their customer service has always been outstanding.)
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