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Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2019
I liked Ann Heche. Even though her ".... ass is too narrow and your tits are too small" according to Harrison,
her sweet face and charming, feminine gestures and her courage and competence under fire win my heart.
I liked Harrison Ford with his ever-cool, confident demeanor in the face of misfortune. This was intended to be a simple, entertaining film without forcing the watcher to engage his critical thinking. Thus they used the same scene that Ford had acted in Star Wars only this time with his old airplane rather than a re-conditioned beyond-light-speed space ship. In fact he could have conceivably been the pilot Quinn in 1997 and - in an future incarnation - Hans Solo flying the Millenium Falcon, though the movie-makers created the Stars Wars epic 20 years before the "Six days" movie.
Among the trivia it was pointed out that they left a bar on top of the plane in one scene and not the next scene and Ann started the climb the mountain wearing a clean white dress and continued in shorts and a t-shirt thing and then was again in her dress which she changed on camera back at the wrecked plane. But these trivial things did not take away from one's enjoyment of the movie if one does not think too much.
I found it silly that they crashed onto this island - deserted, uninhabited, not on Ford's chart, somewhere near Tahiti that had not only water and a mountain to cause weather and rainfall and flowing potable water and bird life and insect life, but a handy wrecked Japanese warplane (though the Japanese did not go to Tahiti during their WWII offensive) from which they were able to salvage light-weight pontoons to float their wrecked plane off the island, held on by strips of bamboo - when the fact is there are no uninhabited, habitable islands anywhere anymore and no uncharted islands in the Pacific - the British navy charted every piece of dirt and coral over 200 years ago.
But, hell suspend critical thinking and enjoy the fun movie.
As Heche said of Ford he was living every man's dream but it was only for men under the age of 12.
And me too. And I am almost as old as Ford and I still dream of such a paradise.
So I was happy with the ending even though Ford is twice as old as Heche their characters were able to grab a chance at some happiness in a thatched-roof shack.
Hey, we only live once, right? So take what happiness you can.
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