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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2021
I’m surprised to be disappointed by a Frida product. At first glance these seem luxurious: thick, more substantial than the mesh ones from the midwife. It turns out that being substantial also means being tight. Yes, it stretches, but the tension while in stretch mode is much higher than the mesh ones. Which means after the wonderful feeling of the mesh ones like wearing nothing, you feel like you’re wearing clothing as underwear. Not intolerable, but not what you want after giving birth.

However, even after I was ready to graduate from the mesh to these, the deal-breaker became apparent: taking a pad off will peel off the inner layer of the panty. So you kind of have to change panties every time you change pads (one box would not last a day that way) or watch them get significantly ruined after every bathroom trip/pad change.

Honestly, the mesh panties are so much more comfortable, durable and affordable. Just go to a home birth supply website or ask your midwife or hospital for some. You’re welcome.
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