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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 31, 2015
This is by far, my favourite book by the late Michael Crichton. Genius work! Absolutely perfect balance between "edutainment", intrigue, mystery, science, action, and even some humor thrown in. This is astoundingly good!

I listen to it again & again, and i very often hear stuff I missed the first time. Nuances related to other things in the book. GENIUS!

I'd say my wife & I listen to this two or three times every year, whenever the mood strikes us, and the story never gets old.

Good ol' Amazon just gave me a multiple choice survey on this book.
"Which of these words best describes the mood?" Several options: "Hopeful", "Dark", "Nostalgic", "Light-Hearted", "Suspenseful", and "Thoughtful". While ALL these moods are present at one point or another - I had a tough time choosing between "Dark" and "Suspenseful".

Anything but "slow" - the story takes its time developing characters at a pleasant, but gradually building pace.

Oh! as with many of his stories, there's a helicopter trip - because Michael Crichton so enjoyed his helicopters, God bless him.

Fast steady pace, with believable, very "true-to-life" characters. Just like the real world, these characters are organic, slightly flawed; their perspectives are independent though not necessarily "unique". In short - these are very realistic people.

For parents of small children - this is a perfect example for the rating of "PG-13". In short - "all things being equal", societal standards, and yadda yadda yadda - 13 years old is a good "cut-off age" (give or take a few years, wherever your kid fits on such a scale). There's "some" violence, and mostly innocuous references to sexuality.

I won't spoil the ending, but i will say it does actually "END" (lol / not all do) - and at the same time - in a way that allows for sequels.

Finally; the skillful narration of GEORGE WILSON gets points for his even modulation, and steady volume. the

Personable voices for the various characters - concise descriptions and explanations are flavoured with the appropriate tones of intrigue, humor, worry, affection, sarcasm, etc.

His annunciation is clear, and. Not only is this one of the best "books" but also one of the best audio books too.

Definitely experience PREY. I'm confident you'll enjoy it almost as much as much as we do. :-)
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