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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2020
After a couple of years I finally got around to reading this anthology about Luke Skywalker.

The book is in big font and is a very quick read despite the page count (420). I suppose it's aimed at young adults but the book focuses mostly on the original trilogy which tells me they are aiming for the 30-50 year old crowd.

The book frames all six stories around a group on a ship that involves fathiers and Canto Bright which is the only tie to The Last Jedi. The wrapper is not that interesting. The six stories are.

1) The Myth Buster - this is a laugh out loud funny take on A New Hope as seen through the eyes of a conspiracy nut. Essentially the Death Star never existed nor the battle of Yavin, etc. Luke plays a big role in it but this story is ultimately a laugh and not much else.

2) The Starship Graveyard - this is after the battle of Jakku and Luke seemingly finds and rescues an Imperial found alive after the dust settles. This is creative but more importantly tells the reader everything they need to know about Luke. His sense of humor, strength, determination, nobility and growth as a character. This is what Luke Skywalker is and this story is perfect.

3) Fishing in The Deluge - This is another excellent Luke story. Luke is in search of ancient Jedi civilizations and knowledge and he finds a new source. He is humble, bold and shares his knowledge with others through his actions, wisdom and some Yoda quotes. This is an excellent story.

4) I, Droid - Luke is on a rescue mission. It's a cute enough story to start but it takes forever for Luke to appear and the background of the mission is absent making for a frustrating read. However, there are parts that are excellent once Luke enters the picture. He is just such a great character.

5) The Tale of Lugubrious Mote - this takes place during the events with Jabba in Return of the Jedi. Because it pretty much tells the movie beat for beat through the eyes of a bug it's nothing too new. The Tales of Mos Eisley beat this subject to death and I don't see why we needed another one. I found this to be a throwaway.

6) Big Inside - Luke finds himself trapped in a space slug. A personal pet peeve is when Star Wars keeps dipping back into the same story well. How many books have slavery, bounty hunters and dark Jedi and on and on? Going back into a space slug is not using any imagination. However, what is found within is very interesting. Luke shows growth in this story in a different direction from the previous stories. Ultimately it is not enough to raise this story to the level of stories 2-4. Good but not great.

Two excellent stories. One very good one. One decent one. A funny one and a dud.

I enjoyed this book and this will help wash away the take on Luke Skywalker in the Last Jedi film just a little bit. This book tracks Luke's character arc from Return of the Jedi and not the jump into hiding that the Last Jedi tries to jam in the audience's face.

Give it a shot.
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