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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2020
These pants are okay, but they kind of miss the mark. The material is nice and soft, the craftmanship is fine, and they look cute on, but the design isn't great. They advertise that you can fold the cuffs up and the waistband over, but the cuffs and waistband do not stay folded over well, particularly the waistband. Even if you could get the waistband to stay folded over, it wouldn't look very good because you can see an ugly seam when it's folded over. I mean, theoretically, you can fold over the waistband of any pair of pants. I'd think they'd at least make the seam look good since folding it over is one of the selling points! The other issue with the design is that the cuffs are pretty loose. You'd be able to get a lot more wear out of these pants if the cuffs were snug around the ankles- you could put a larger pair on your child and they wouldn't sag down past their ankles. But, no, these cuffs are pretty loose, so your child will trip over them if you try to size up.

This is a minor quibble, but I don't get the colors they chose for the blue set- the one with the teal, aqua, and denim colored pants. They have a set of 4 long sleeved shirts that are clearly supposed to coordinate with these pants, and the aqua and teal pants do coordinate, but the denim pants clash pretty badly with all 4 of the shirts. Weird color choice.

All in all, I'm keeping these because I didn't get them returned before the return window closed. My little one uses them as play pants outside and they work fine for that. I do really like a lot of the other Hanes Flexy items, though, and the teal color is drop dead gorgeous. My child has the long sleeved shirt and romper in that color, I can't get enough of it.
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