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Reviewed in the United States on November 20, 2014
I ordered this to when my family decided that we needed to give turkey frying a try for Thanksgiving this year. After it arrived we decided that we really needed to do a test fry with it to be sure we knew how to operate it when turkey day arrived. Not wanting to fork out a lot of money for a turkey, we decided on chicken. But, first things first. Out of the box it was really simple to put together. Really, all that needed to be done was attach the burner to the stand and then attach the gas line and put AAA batteries in the safety device. I know a lot of people have complained about the safety device, but really, I didn't find it to be a big deal. I just set the timer on my phone to be sure and check it every 10 minutes or so. We stayed right by the fryer anyway, so it was really not a big deal. So, on to the chicken. We injected the chicken with a creole butter marinade we purchased at the grocery store. Then, put the chicken on the hook and gently lowered it down into the hot oil. Following the 8 minutes per pound rule, the chicken was done in about 35 minutes. Everyone said this was the best chicken they had ever eaten. The skin was perfectly crispy and extremely tasty. The meat was tender and juicy. My brother was simply amazed and asked me to come back the next weekend and teach him how to use it. We have also fried chicken wings as well as french fries in it. Everyone agrees, it's pretty amazing and super easy to operate. The large pot has a fill line which makes it easy to not overfill. when we fry the turkey, next week, we'll put the turkey in and fill with water to be sure we're not using too much oil.
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