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Reviewed in the United States on November 30, 2019
TL:DR: really helpful book if you just need to brush up. Recommended if you would get a decent score without studying and want a boost to get into the top tier.

I took the GRE when I was in undergrad (more than 5 years ago) and did really well on both verbal and quant. Unfortunately, those score are no longer available so I needed to retake the test for a new grad school application this year. I took one of the practice tests and my verbal score was about the same as when I took the GRE years ago, but I bombed the math (about 20 points lower than when I took it the first time). That makes sense because I haven't looked at algebra or geometry since high school and couldn't remember even some of the basic principles.
I bought the 5lb book of practice problems from the same company as this book, but my scores on the math section weren't improving. So, I tried this book instead. It was definitely a good decision.
Each chapter focuses on a particular type of math that comes up on the GRE, with detailed "lessons" on how to do it followed by practice problems. I had excellent math teachers in high school, so 100% of the content of the GRE I had at one point been very comfortable with. The explanations were just detailed enough to jog my memory and the practice questions (and explanations) were just complicated enough to stretch those math muscles back into shape. I just took the GRE this morning and my math score turned out to be exactly the same as it was years ago!!! At least 1/4 of the math questions were ones I would have struggled with had I not reviewed with this book, so I definitely would not have done this well without it.
A caveat: the explanations and lessons probably wouldn't have been helpful if I hadn't learned the concepts really well the first time. The explanations helped me remember really good lessons from years ago - they weren't in and of themselves good enough to teach a new concept.
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