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Reviewed in the United States on November 22, 2018
This book was a 5 star book until the epilogue ending. Joseph and Ember were amazing and devestating by turns. Spoiler alert: I am so angry! Keelee should have been there at the very special occasion in the epilogue! She has been so loyal to Ember, and is Ember's best friend! She's also part of the combined families, and they lied to her about where they were going. If I were Keelee I would have a very hard time ever forgiving any of them- including Ember- for excluding her as usual. She should've at least had the choice of going. I am so angry I could spit! Adam doesn't deserve her! None of them do! And both Ember and Tori plead her case to Adam too! Why didn't Keelee's sister, Tori insist she be there? I realize the author has to set up the plot for the next book but not this way. Just no.
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