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Reviewed in the United States on June 13, 2021
Unstoppable is the writer of this story, the story goes on and on, and quickly loses its attraction. It's unfortunate that Noffke doesn't know when the put down pen and paper, the series would have been fine had it ended at book eight. This actually could have been a four stars story but for the problem with the non-stop snarking sarcasm of Liv and that she just dragged the story into boring length. Filling pages and pages with chatter between two characters, which is not actually intelligent and interesting conversation between characters, but rather seems that the writer has run out of story to tell and is using the space to try out every pun and sarcastic snark she knows, and hasn't met the necessary word count, so she fills the empty space with irritating banter to see just how much brainless and irritating sarcasm she can put down to Liv. And so we are subjected to hundreds of pages filled with words that no longer benefIt the story and get to know an ever more disrespectful main character.

I became irritated early on with the lack of respect that the character of Liv exhibited with everyone she came in contact with, friend or not, 90% of her talking is senseless snarking sarcasm, dumb puns and just irritating and it never ends. This is actually hurting this otherwise supposedly strong character. What is the purpose in irritating the reader with a irresponsible and conflicting character, it doesn't fit. Then through the twelve books and lots of action, and talking, we never actually have a sense of timing, how many days, weeks or years are passing? This series fails to take us by way of action and events through a specific time, and this failure leaves the reader confused and the story disconnected. I have no idea how old Liv, the main character, is at the beginning of the story nor how much time has passed in the story at the end of this series. At times it seems that no time is passing between events or over the course of this story, though we are taken through some events filled with lots of time consuming action, it's like reading a ton of chatter mixed with a list of actions yet no time has passed. That the story is dragged out over twelve books which is very time consuming for the reader, but almost no time expires in the story. I also didn't experience the satisfaction of a grand ending. It just sort of fizzled out with a whimper. I felt cheated with the ending, after having been dragged through so much brainless chatter, filling space between some action, although many simular actions just different characters, there was a certain thread of events the story was trying to lead us, which left us under the assumption that certain events needed to happen in order to achieve a nicely wrapped up and satisfactory ending, but that didn't happen.

Regrettably, I feel like I wasted a lot of time reading these twelve books, which I could have spent reading something more satisfying. It's especially upsetting because this REALY could have been a great story, too much gravy and not enough meat in this series, but the bites of meat we got were promising. I suggest that Noffke take the time and read all twelve books from beginning to end, she may well gather some valuable insights, she may well see where she let her readers and herself down. How about a re-write?
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