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Reviewed in the United States on July 24, 2014
I have managed to read most of the Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitzky books in sequence, but broke off after The First Law, whose plot departed dramatically from the usual courtroom conflict format of its predecessors. It ended with an actual gun battle. I have since wondered how Mr.Lescroart was going to handle the aftermath, and now I know. Both Dismas and Abe were deeply affected by the incident, and their characters have subtly but permanently changed. In this outing, Dismas' law firm, represented by a new character, Amy Wu, takes on a rich-kid client charged with murder. Amy's strategy at first is to have him admit to the crime while he is still a juvenile, which would mean a sentence of only eight years; he would still have a life to live when he got out. However, he vehemently protests his innocence, and small clues begin to support his claim. Dismas, throwing off a threatening lethargy, gets interested, and becomes not only Amy's "Second Chair" at the inevitable hearings, but starts actively pursuing the case on his own. Abe, now the Deputy Chief of Investigations of the San Francisco Police Department with many other fish to fry, has his doubts as well. Lescroart has always been skilled at keeping this storyline going without cluttering it up with any more backstory than is necessary, and his regular cast returns the favor by operating in real time: children grow up, jobs change, and sometimes a principal dies. If this is your first Hardy/Glitzky, fear not; you'll soon feel quite at home.
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