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Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2019
First off, this is a pretty umbrella, and I do like the inverted feature. For the most part, it works fine. However, there is a learning curve.
When you push the button that opens it, you have to release that button almost instantly or you will push the umbrella past the opening point. You may think, "Well, duh, obviously". But, the problem is that the way the button is situated, you use your thumb to push the button and then you push up. It's almost a natural positioning of the thumb, so you have to make a mental decision to lift your thumb off of the button when you slide up. If you don't lift your thumb, then the catching mechanism will not engage and the umbrella will start to fold back down.

And, on one occasion, I couldn't even get it to close. Talk about embarrassing!

The "C" handle? Nice concept, but it doesn't actually work that well. As one reviewer mentioned, you have to balance it on your shoulder or it will tilt and fall. So, basically, you still need one hand to manage the umbrella. Maybe with more practice, this feature will work better.
Oh, and when you come in out of the rain and close it? Yes, it does, for the most part, keep water from falling onto the floor....UNLESS, you decide to hold the umbrella on your arm by the "C" handle. Then, yes, you guessed it... the water will then drip everywhere because the inverted part is now hanging upside down. "So don't hold it by the "C" handle". Good idea, except it's almost a natural inclination to want to slip it onto your arm.

The coverage isn't very broad and I found myself getting rained on too much. It just simply doesn't offer enough protection... at least not for the price and the supposed benefits.
It did prevent most of the rain from getting in my car, but while walking to or from my destination, I did get a little wet.
I'm getting the hang of releasing the button when opening, and I may master the "C" handle, but the one thing that would improve this umbrella for me would be broader coverage. I'm tempted to pull out my bigger umbrella, but I like the inverted feature, as well as the pretty design on this one. Oh, and because I paid as much as I did I will continue to use this one.

* Pretty designs.
* Does help to prevent most rain from entering vehicle.
* "C" handle is convenient to "hang" umbrella on arm.
* Can be tricky to get it to lock into open position.
* "C" handle doesn't necessarily allow hands free use.
* Can get stuck while closing.
* Not enough coverage to completely protect from rain.

Overall, I don't regret buying this umbrella, but I'm not sure if I'd buy another one if this one quits working.
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