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Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2010
I'm agree this whole saga is interesting because of the very different roles each X-Men Universe character has taken in this stories, however I don't feel the hype as much others because I'm not an X-Men Universe expert.

I see tons of characters that I don't know and several different stories that occur at the same time that makes me dizzy.

The one thing is giving me a whole lot of problems is that, now that I'm done with volume 1 and 2, I feel that the whole saga I bought is rather incomplete. I tought I was going to be able to appreciate and see Charles Xavier's murder, and the machination behind it. I thought I was going to have a retrospective fantastic story of how Weapon X (aka Wolverine) rescue Jean Grey from the pits, and witness the fantastic showdown between him and Cyclops and know exactly how Weapon X lose a hand and Cyclops an eye.

I mean, this is not the only issue I haven't seen... there are a few others, but with minor importance. Still I think I haven't got anything exiting that makes me think I made the right choice by getting these books.

I'll start book 3 today, and I hope I'll be impressed, otherwise I'll be selling my copies without even think it.
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