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Reviewed in the United States on December 12, 2018
Amazon wants to know what I think about this item, a digital code for $10 of credit on the Playstation Store. There's almost nothing that I could tell you about this that you don't already know if you're actually looking for Playstation Store credit. You buy this item, and a minute or two later you can find the code in your digital codes section on Amazon along with instructions to redeem it and a link to go right to the redeem page with the code pasted in for you in case you're too impatient to read.

The codes have always worked for me and they've been delivered in seconds, which is more than I can say for Sony's own built-in payment methods which like to lock you out arbitrarily. Well, except when someone steals your account then suddenly Sony's got no problem draining the daily maximum of $150 from your bank account or credit line. Which is why you should get these cards instead of putting in money directly through a payment method on Sony's site, because nobody can steal money if you don't have a method of getting it from you. The best a thief can do if all you have is store credit is use your store credit to buy a small amount and they'll probably just go on because it's not even worth the time. Where on the other hand if they get $150 they can buy in game items and trade to another account and sell them for money.

Codes can be given to someone else as a gift
Delivered nearly instantly and easy to log in and apply the code
Credit in your account instead of a payment method means theft is more difficult
All the old codes are in your Amazon account so you can look back on how much money you wasted (wait, maybe that's a disadvantage)
When you buy digital, a Gamestop executive weeps

Not a physical card so if you want to make a physical gift out of it, do it yourself
Credit in your account is never the amount you need exactly so there's leftovers you may not use for a while
Most games now charge tax so you won't actually be able to get a $10 game with a $10 card, you need a smidge more
Once in a while they run out of codes and they take their sweet time getting more in, which stinks if you want a game right now
Amazon will send you emails asking what you think about digital gift cards and suggesting more digital gift cards for your collection, since you're obviously a connoisseur of letters and numbers
When you buy digital, a Gamestop executive weeps
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