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Reviewed in the United States on May 16, 2021
So I am very glad I discovered this book series and mostly enjoyed reading it. The first book moved along at a pretty good pace but this one just seemed to drag. And, OMG, the constant self doubt and whining was just too much to make the book enjoyable. She got a happy ending IN SPITE of herself. I get the author was painting a rich & vibrant environment for the story to flourish, but for Pete’s sake, the constant “I can’t......but I must!” was just too much. The h’s constant whining and hand wringing was just plain irritating. She was pretty stupid in the first book and absolutely nothing changed for her in the second book. She got her reward in the end but it was a pretty miserable journey, not only for her, but the reader as well. So bummed.

Two stars bc at least the very end of the book was pretty good and wrapped it up well. Thank Jesus there is no 3rd book or there’s no way I could have kept going.
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