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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 23, 2016
Elisa Braden keeps popping up on my recommended lists so I finally decided to give one of her books a look and I’m so happy I did!

The Devil is a Marquess is the 4th book in Braden’s Rescued from Ruin series. I haven’t read any of the others and found that this one stood very well on its own. There isn’t anything truly original about the plot for Devil, if you read historical romance you’re familiar with the father sells awkward daughter to dissolute rake storyline. What makes this one stand out in my opinion, is our heroine Charlotte.

Charlotte is tall, uncoordinated, and even worse, a redhead. While today she’d be a supermodel, in the regency era Charlotte’s coloring and height make her unfashionable. Add in her love of business, her clumsiness, and her tendency to say whatever she thinks, and Charlotte is a hot mess in the London ballrooms of her time. Charlotte’s father is a wealthy American businessman who has been absent for the majority of her life. He decides that only a title will do for his family lineage and approaches the disastrous Benedict Chatham, the new Marquess of Rutherford with a deal to marry his daughter.

Chatham is your typical regency hero, he’s handsome, he drinks too much, he sleeps around, he believes he is incapable of giving or receiving love. The marriage takes place, the couple are spirited off to a crumbling estate, and the love story unfolds.

The Devil is a Marquess is charming. Charlotte is awkward in a real way that the reader believes, her motivations make sense within the story and she doesn’t act like an idiot or a victim. Her innocence is sweet and her desire to fit in has the reader cheering for her. Chatham is a little less developed but still attractive. I particularly loved the scenes where he and Charlotte are talking in their gigantic ugly mermaid bed. Braden does an excellent job of showing her couple fall in love with each other on a personal as well as physical level. The sex scenes are at times funny, and consistently hot and romantic.

My only criticism of the book would be that the secondary characters were a little underdeveloped. I would have liked to have seen more of the household servants and while Peter the tenant is around often his wife Emma and her relationship with Charlotte only pops up a few times.

I really enjoyed The Devil is a Marquess overall!
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