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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2021
Leslie and Kurt’s story was good! Leslie is from Reno and is in the witness protection program following a murder she witnessed in her hometown. Kurt is a cattleman from Montana who just recently came back home to stay in Montana from Texas. Leslie and Kurt meet one night when Leslie is leaving the same bar that Kurt was attending when she gets mugged for her purse Kurt comes to her rescue. After rescuing Leslie Kurt decides when she comes on to him to have a one night stand with her. What he doesn’t realize is it he can’t get her out of his head a few weeks later and neither can she. They didn’t think they would ever see each other again however when she goes back to the barn which is a kink club she finds out that he is a member there as well and so it begins the story of Leslie and Kurt Read the book to find out what happens next.
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