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Reviewed in the United States on April 11, 2019
George Orr believes he has killed an irritating relative with a dream he had, and now is killing himself as well by taking drugs to force himself to stay awake or at least to keep from dreaming; thereby losing his mind. His plight is discovered by the powers-that-be in his world & he is ordered to submit to treatment by a sleep therapist. The doctor quickly discovers that George actually can change reality with his dreams, & by using post hypnotic suggestion begins to mold the horribly polluted, over populated & disease filled world they have inhabited into a place where those who remain can live healthy & pleasant lives, at the same time placing himself in a position of enormous power. There are some awful & unintended consequences however, such as when, in the effort to end all racial conflict, suddenly everyone becomes the same color…grey. George must struggle to keep his equilibrium in this ever shifting world & becomes determined to escape further manipulations by the doctor, who has grown completely power mad.

This author’s writing is gorgeous! “Current-borne, wave-flung, tugged hugely by the whole might of ocean, the jellyfish drifts in the tidal abyss. The light shines through it, and the dark enters it. Borne, flung, tugged from anywhere to anywhere, for in the deep sea there is no compass but nearer and farther, higher and lower, the jellyfish hangs and sways; pulses move slight and quick within it, as the vast diurnal pulses beat in the moon-driven sea. Hanging, swaying, pulsing, the most vulnerable and insubstantial creature, it has for its defense the violence and power of the whole ocean, to which it has entrusted its being, its going, and its will.”

I hope to read everything she has written.
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