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Reviewed in the United States on August 25, 2020
I have owned a Champion 46537 generator since 2013, and it has been a solid machine. It’s a “regular” generator, so though powerful it’s also pretty noisy. I’d been wanting a smaller inverter generator for a few years now to be able to QUIETLY run smaller stuff during power outages (among other uses). I’ve seen them coming down in price for a while now, and when I saw the Champion 100692 for less than $450 (delivered) on Amazon, I decided to go for it. There are some inverter generators out there for a little less, but Champion came in at a very competitive price point and I had a good experience with my other Champion generator so I expected a good product. I was not disappointed.

First – A big heavy package via small parcel is a recipe for damage. I was a little nervous, but Champion put the money into a good robust package. Zero damage to carton nor product, and they used honeycomb inner pack (similar to corrugated but thicker) instead of foam, so almost all packaging was recyclable. GOOD JOB.

Setup was easy. The generator was fully assembled in the box, so just had to lift it out. Added engine oil, which is included pre-measured to the correct amount, so just dumped it in with the included funnel. Added fuel and opened the fuel valve so the carburetor had a minute to fill with fuel. (I saw a couple reviews on YouTube where they didn’t do this – as with any engine, ya gotta give the fuel a second to get into the carb!) Anyway, as expected it started on the first pull.

Man, this thing is quiet! Even with Eco Mode off, it’s a whisper compared to my big generator. With Eco Mode on, the RPMs drop and you can have a normal conversation right next to it. You can just about whisper. Awesome. The engine kill switch is built into the fuel valve, which is a nice touch.

I’ve been through the first 5 hours now, just playing around with it and letting it idle some, just to get the “break in” out of the way. I’ve had 1200 watts pulling on it, and it throttles up smoothly and handles it just fine. Smaller loads run on idle. I just can’t get over how quiet this thing is. After my 5-hour trial run with it, I changed the oil, filled the tank with STABILIZED fuel, turned the fuel valve off and drained the carburetor. There’s a handy carb drain hose out the bottom that makes draining the carb SUPER easy. Now it’s ready to store, and ready run for hours on end at a moment’s notice. My big generator has treated me very well over the years, and this one looks to as well.

My $0.02 - just have realistic expectations about gas engines. They don’t need much, but the little bit of preventative maintenance is a MUST. And it’s simple stuff. Don’t let gas sit in the carburetor for more than a couple weeks. Add Sta-Bil to fuel if it’s going to sit for any period of time, and if it gets more than a year old dump it into your car to burn it off and replace it with fresh stabilized gas. Keep air filters, oil, and spark plugs clean. I’ve done these things with my big generator, and it’s always there when I need it. If they’re good quality (and Champion certainly seems to be), if you take care of them they’ll take care of you.
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