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Reviewed in the United States on February 2, 2018
We bought this item due to its high rating. We paid additional to have it next day. Upon arrival, the item had clearly been opened. The box had been taped back closed, the humidifier was not wrapped in plastic and the cord was simply throw in amongst the items. Additionally, no product information or user manual existed. The humidifier did not work correctly from the moment we attempted to use it. The power button would only blink red. A quick google search revealed this was to indicate there was no water. Some tinkering and I managed to get the unit to work, briefly, by manipulating the float. I could not get it to operate for more than 2-3 mins without shutting down. I would not recommend this product due in small part to the fact Amazon sold me what I can assume was a returned product, which didn’t work. And in large part because the product is priced similarly to other manufacturers that I’ve had better luck with in the past.
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