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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 3, 2021
Its almost as if the British learnt something from the KGB, to play the long game like the KGB did with Philby, and masterfully beat the KGB, vindicating the British over the infamous Cambridge Spies. It is clear that Gordievsky's information assisted the west to bring down the house of cards and the USSR unraveled quickly. One difference though between the then then USSR and the West is that Russia today under Putin is no walk over, and it seems that Russia's undermining of western institutions are going strong, clearly showing the democratic fault-lines. Looking at the cold war, battle for the spies then the Soviets did win in the end, the Cambridge 5's damage is lasting and with Brexit behind the UK they have no "genuine" Commonwealth left. Imagine if the British could have left an an Africa without Amin, Mugabe and the corrupt Kenyatta's then perhaps the Commonwealth would have been a family. Britain sadly is now on its own and to survive will basically become an American Vassal.
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