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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2021
I've been pretty depressed over the past year, particularly as someone who graduated from college during the pandemic (plus I already had a history of being depressed), so when I heard about this self-help book I decided to read it—and I found it very offensive.

One of the worst chapters is titled "Rule VI: Abandon Ideology." In it, the author—who is ostensibly a cis straight white male boomer—says he thinks the problem with the world is that "we have spent too much time, for example (much of the last fifty years), clamoring about rights, and we are no longer asking enough of the young people we are socializing," which I guess is just the kind of opinion you'd expect from someone of the author's background, but I found it irritating enough to be worth noting for the following reasons:

(1) As a young person, I actually believe much has been asked of young people recently—we've had higher tuition costs, we all have to major in STEM fields now (ideally computer science, which was one of my two majors by the way—the other was Japanese) or just accept that we're probably going to be broke, our careers are the ones that are disproportionately affected by things like the pandemic and even the previous financial crisis, we have a much smaller percentage of the total wealth in the economy than the Gen X and Boomer generations had at the same age (in the US at least), we have basically no political power so our favorite candidates don't make it past the primaries and our issues aren't even on the government's agenda, etc.;

(2) Clamoring about rights is pretty important and has had great results in recent history, most notably for gay people (like me) because same-sex marriage wasn't even legal nationwide in the US until about five years ago (and who knows if it'll even stay legal now that there are six Republican justices instead of five, and the one Republican who supported gay marriage retired?!);

(3) So many people—particularly trans people—still aren't treated fairly by the government and society, so how can you say that it's a problem that people are focused on clamoring for rights?!

Also I don't like how the chapter on abandoning ideology is just a bunch of right-wing propaganda. He makes the standard arguments about how communism is well-intentioned but a bad form of government or whatever (which is to say there are no alternatives to capitalism—LOL). He says Marxism-Leninism is discredited without even explaining why!

If you support things like LGBT rights and do not like far-right propaganda and you're in the market for a self-help book then you will probably want to pick a different one!
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