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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2017
Reading this feels more like labor than anything else. I actually stopped reading it for a couple days and switched to something else, just for a break. Then came back to it. It's just good enough to keep reading, but it's definitely not at the level of his other books. The "bard telling a story" changing POV feels too gimmicky. The world explanation/building is slow and tedious. And of course, there's a sprinkling of the latest storyline fads that all the fantasy/sci-fi authors seems to throw in for good measure, whether useful to the story or not.

However, there are parts where things start moving along and some of his usual writing style peeks through like a sunbeam. Just often enough to keep going. It's not read-straight-through-the-night good, but it's entertaining enough to work your way through it. 3 stars seems about right to me.
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