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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2018
Listen, guys... I'm in the military, so with that being said, you would THINK that I would be good at packing things. WRONG. I'm literally the worst, and I have never learned for some reason. All I know is that I have to take all these things on a list and shove it in a bag. When I go on vacation or even a weekend trip (of course I tend to over pack... Yay anxiety!), I'm always sitting on the bag or wrestling with the zippers to make it close. SO I decided to get these cubes. I was sooo excited to see how they worked. At first I was pretty skeptical because looking at them, they didn't seem like they were anything special. So I tried out the smallest packing cube with my underwear (for my dignity I'm not posting pictures, just believe me). I shoved 26 pairs of underwear into the little cube and then zipped the compression zipper... Holy lawd, it works... It really works. And I couldn't believe that there were almost 30 pairs of underwear in there. So then I took the longer one and shoved THREE infinity scarves in there just for fun, and it worked. I don't know why I've been struggling my whole life when I could have just bought these.... If you're on the struggle bus when it comes to packing, especially a lot of clothes in small spaces, just get this. It does the job for you!
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