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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on November 21, 2018
I bought this bag hoping to use it instead of a full sized carryon for short trips. For a night or two (or even three) a regular carryon is more bag than I need. This one, however, will not function like a “mini suitcase” as I hoped. The biggest issue is the way the main body of the bag is divided. Instead of one (relatively) large compartment occupying most of the volume of the bag (like in a suitcase), the space is split into two very narrow compartments of roughly equal size. The thick dividing panel between them fills a lot of space and has no obvious function other than to hold a tablet pocket. Additionally, this bag zips open on only two sides (top and one long side) not three like a suitcase. Overall, the design seriously limits the use of this bag for packing things you might want on an overnight trip- like clothes. It actually looks more like a backpack-style briefcase than an overnight bag. Also, the clips that attach the straps to the bottom of the bag are very thin, flimsy-looking plastic.

On the plus side, the bag is sleek and attractive-looking, comfortable on the back (I’m 5’7”, for reference), and, other than the aforementioned cheap plastic clips, feels sturdy and well-made. It also has a gazillion pockets. For me, though, those pros don’t outweigh the poor design. I’ll be sending it back.
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