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Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020
Robert Jordan was one of the leaders in epic fantasy, and his "Wheel of Time" series remains one of the best-known series of the genre. Sadly, Mr. Jordan passed away in 2007. He left a lasting legacy upon those of us who enjoy epic fantasy, and "Warrior of the Altaii", his first unpublished novel, reminds us of his greatness.

Lord Wulfgar of the Altaii is the leader of his people. His people survive by living on the open plains and selling their wares. His people live under the shadow of the Lanta and the twin queens Eilinn and Elana.

Now, war has come. The appearance of Elspeth, a visitor from another world, will have a direct outcome on the battle. For Wulfgar and his warriors must face off against the Lantan and the twin queens in a fight to the death.

I enjoyed this book very much. This is not written in the same style as The Wheel of Time series. Rather, this book stands on it's own. But the reader still gets a look at what made Robert Jordan one of epic fantasy's masters; great storytelling and excellent character development. I only wish there could have been more to this story. Highly recommended.
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