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Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2020
My current document camera is about nine years old and is starting to become unreliable. It was top of the line when I got it, but compared to the features on this...It might as well be an antique. It's worked well enough, but I'll be moving to a new class this upcoming year and decided to upgrade. I've got two uses for this device that I had to test out before getting down to a review. It works flawlessly for both!

A few neat features:
Metal frame with rubberized base. There is a touch sensitive button to adjust the six LEDs for brightness. Camera is mounted straight down at the end of the arm, and the angle can be adjusted within that 90 degrees. Please note that this will take TWO USB ports on your computer, so plan accordingly. Software that comes with it is excellent, too! Camera image quality is remarkable if you''re used to older devices (or cheap-o cams).

The mat you use is MUCH larger than in the photos. I am very happy about that. I was a little worried it might not work for a regular letter size paper just because of the photos, but I knew A3 is larger..It worked out. The lines for document placement are clear but unobtrusive. Makes laying out the pages for scanning very simple. Material is the same as a basic mouse pad and doesn't slip around on my desk.

Use One: Document / Overhead Camera
The CamShop software allows for recording video from the device, but the preview image isn't large enough to use as an overhead camera in a classroom. I found that the built-in Camera app in Windows 10 works perfectly for the job. Combined with SmartInk (that comes with a SmartBoard) and you've got a perfect solution for a classroom document camera. I love it!

Camera app utilizes the full screen and can take high resolution snapshots (with HDR if wanted) and record video with audio. This is perfect for in-class presentations AND to record sessions to upload to YT for absent students. It's exactly what I needed it for. Very straight forward, and the Camera app in Win10 does the job. I imagine I could find other programs that will work, but this suits my needs and didn't cost any extra!

Use Two: Document Scanner
As a scanner, this is fantastic. Image clarity is beyond my expectations. The difference between 8MP compared to my old document camera with 2.5MP is startling. CamShop software makes it very easy to scan and customize images. I downloaded the latest version from the iCODIS website. There are several different scan modes for different types of documents and the edge detection works really well (especially when you have it lined up properly on the mat.) Ability to save as several different formats including PDF with OCR text. No issues.

You can scan an entire document packet as an editable/fillable PDF in just a few minutes. I scanned 27 individual pages for a summer packet and combined it into one PDF file. The "image" version was over 50MB, but the OCR text version was 2MB. Didn't have any issue with missing words or errors.

One feature that is lacking is the ability to reduce page curl. This isn't what you would want to use if you plan to scan from an actual book. Don't get me wrong, it does a fine job of scanning from a book, but you need to adjust the page to be as flat as possible first.

Very satisfied with the device as a document scanner. The software is fantastic.

Final impressions:
I will be using this daily in my classroom. For the price, it exceeds all my expectations. I am coming from a camera that cost over $600 ten years ago, and at less than $200 I am shocked at the quality. I highly recommend this to any teacher out there looking to have their own document camera that they can take with them. I am impressed!
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