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Reviewed in the United States on August 31, 2020
HIGHLY Recommend for all, especially high schoolers. Well written, and full of great history lessons. duBois wrote long enough after reconstruction to get a good perspective, but soon enough after that he has lots of pertinent sources. This book shows how black people, the majority former slaves, responded to the call of reconstruction after the war between the States. They were, for the most, sincere, thoughtful, honest, and eager to become free citizens. They were the majority in three Southern states, and large minorities in most of the others. They were asked to become part of the leadership from towns to Congress and performed admirably until the military & Freedman's Bureau were removed from the south in the late 1870's. duBois book shows different attitudes towards racial differences in different parts of the Country at the time.
duBois' ideas from the Marxist philosophy of labor vs. capital that was gaining attention in the mid 1800's run alongside his history of the period. He laments that black & white labor were not able to combine politically and he explains how the prompting of increased racism prevented that combination.
This book is a great clue to the puzzle of how we got to where we are today.
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