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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021
Another stellar novel from Sylvia Mercedes. What a journey this heroine had to go on to finally lay claim to her husband. There were so many little details I loved: Brielle and mean old Granny, the unicorns, the goblins, the pretty dresses…and so much magic. Oh and the salamanders! Can’t forget about them. Spoilers: I only wish there had been more time for Erolas in this book, but alas circumstances keep our lovers apart for most of the novel. I don’t see how the story could have been told to avoid this sadness, and I loved the long journey we had to go on to find the sun fire king in the end…I just (sniff) wish he had not had to suffer so long. Truly a breathtaking story and a worthy sequel to the Moonfire Bride. I am so eager to read Brielle’s story next.
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