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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 7, 2018
I've enjoyed Korman's books since I first read SWINDLE a few years ago. RESTART shows his growth and development as a writer. This story deals plausibly with ethical dilemmas, prejudice, bullying, and growing up with more depth and insight than I expected. Although I dislike stories written in first-person, present tense, Korman handles it so skillfully that I barely noticed this trendy affectation so prevalent today in modern juvenile fiction. His viewpoint changes are more deftly handled than in a few of his other books, such as UNGIFTED. There's no repetition, and the plot is well served by the various perspectives. Chase is a protagonist that I--as an adult reader--could root for without feeling impatient, and I didn't have to wallow in excessive teenage angst.
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