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Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2019
Anne Lamott’s BIRD BY BIRD: SOME INSTRUCTION S ON WRITING AND LIFE is considered to be one of the ultimate books for aspiring writers. Lamott takes things just as she says in the title: bird by bird, one thing at a time, beginning with short assignments up until getting that novel published. Absolutely she discusses how to get in the best frame of mind to write, how to get ideas, how to forge on through writer’s block, and how to deal with jealousy when another writer (maybe not even as good) gets something that the reader of her book wanted.
There’s lots of good, meaty stuff here, and Lamott’s style is almost as if she is sitting with adult writers in a writers’ workshop, but teachers and librarians will want to know that Lamott uses some colorful language. This language is mostly used to describe first drafts, and a more colorful acronym for the nagging voice in a writer’s head that says s/he can’t write. Librarians and teachers might have to deal with unhappy parents of tween and teen aspiring writers.
Is this an enduring volume that I would recommend for aspiring adult writers? Yes. Do I give a caution, however, on some of Lamott’s language? Well, a caution there…. Definitely a keeper, though.
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