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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2017
...didn't really hold my attention, however I did manage to finish it. I thought the writing was amateurish and the author's lack of scientific knowledge was a big stumbling block for me. I prefer my science fiction to at least get the science we know now correct. There was a lot of instances that jerked me out of the story.

Here's a couple...

Spaceships doing odd things, passengers sensing a change in a ships 'momentum', specifying a specific location in space using longitude and latitude, and the authors complete lack of understanding of what would happen to a human body subjected to a total vacuum.

The author also repeatedly used the word 'strafed' to describe how his main character moved down a passageway. My dictionary defines it as a type of attack by an aircraft. I don't think he was using it correctly. It gave me a pause every time I encounter it.

His approach to writing about highly trained, experienced, assassins didn't ring true. Instead of behaving as the experienced operators they were suppose to be they just seem to bumble their way from one situation to another. They repeatedly had slow reflexes, hesitated to shoot, left opponents alive in one situation and killed them cruelly in another, and never used stealth as a tactic.

I won't be reading follow on books.
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