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Reviewed in the United States on August 11, 2018
I’m still working with this unit and still evaluating it’s long term value. My collection of digital stuff, music, databases, documents and photos has expanded over the years to consume several external hard drives. So I put everything on this 4 Terabytes mega drive. It’s kind of like filling a basement or attic, how much of this stuff do you really need? But what it does well is allow you to collect all this stuff in one place wirelessly. It’s the wireless that is the blessing and the curse. It uploads via the My Cloud app, all my photos from my iPhone. This is great, just in case I want to see that sandwich and beer I had six months ago at that restaurant that seemed so cool at the time... the problem with the My Cloud Home is downloading in bulk back to my iPhone or iPad. I can only download one picture or one video at a time and this is very time consuming and a problem but only with Apple iOS products not my PC. So I’m hoping that they will improve the WD apps and the Files App. Also there is no hardwire access to the unit so everything is via WiFi. That’s good at home or away from home being to access it over WiFi but I wish it had both WiFi and wire and for this reason I will probably buy yet another external drive as my final solution.
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