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Reviewed in the United States on March 25, 2022
The story is like get a hooked fish on the first but just when your in the zone it gets a way from you. About 20-30% into the story the gamelit elements get annoying has there is no set base for something’s give eco lay other don’t and the la k of detail into there lack of other players expect the male and female lead for this novel seemed wearied has you’d think there’d be more players or maybe the world is so large it makes it hard for players to met. I hope in the next novel it dosen’t binge use some many additional things to unlock system wise has it became annoying to rember them all.

I couldn’t really get into the story I was really injoying at the start but I became indifferent to the plot has the world seemed to good to be true the personality of the NPC’s seemed more a like free use type of world building chacthers and the lack of details on wider world need work but if They’s problems are fixed I see the series being great.
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