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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2021
If you have ever taken an introductory psychology course, created a detailed schedule or plan, or have a daily routine, then this book will tell you absolutely nothing new. It could be useful for a teenager or very young adult who has limited life experience & knowledge, but the fact that it's popular among adults I feel, sadly, demonstrates a poor lack of education and ambition for self-help in our society.

Here are a few suggestions outlined in the book:
After eating dinner, I will put my plate directly in the dishwasher.
If I want to learn something new, I will surround myself with people who already know it.
If my smartphone is distracting me during work, leave it another room.
To encourage taking vitamins, keep the vitamins near your sink & water glass where I will see it in the morining.

I would hope that the typical adults would already have the forethought to be using habits such as these.

Additionally, about half the book are lengthy anecdotes.

Overall, I'm extremely disappointed in this book and question why these simple, intuitive techniques aren't already being used by society.
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