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Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2018
I bought this in Jan/2018. In August of the same year, it caused a malfunction and thank goodness it didn’t catch on fire.

What exactly happened:
I arrived home one evening and couldn’t figure it out what was the “motor” noise I was hearing. I was surprised to find my cats so freaked out because of that noise that they were hiding under my bed and spent the whole day without food or water. After a quick search, I found out that this shredder had been running the entired day, even though its switch was on “auto” mode. It didn’t make any sense why that was happening since it had been several days since the last time I used it. That day the “auto mode” just decided to malfunction and became “on mode” out of the blue (AND AGAIN, its switch was on AUTO not ON). The machine was running for Gosh-knows-how-many-hours, and it was extremely hot. I believe that if I had come home a little later, it would’ve caught on fire.
After the machine cooled down, I investigated it and didn’t find any piece of paper stuck on it or anything similar. The shredder seemed clean, and there was no apparent reason for that episode. Since that day, the AUTO MODE works just like the ON MODE. I fear for a fire, so I don’t let it plugged on an outlet if I don’t need to use it, but I also have been fearful of using this machine again.

I have decided to write a review now because I am sick and tired of looking at it at my house. It’s just there, collecting dust and taking space in my room. I cannot even sell it because it does not work properly. It’s a piece of garbage, and it has been less than a year that I have bought it. If regret could kill me, I would be dead meat now.
I really wished I could get my money back.

DO NOT BUY IT! It has a tendency for malfunction, and it can become a hazard in your home.

Too late for a return or refund, but I hope I can avoid other costumers from purchasing it.
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