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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2017
This historical novel by G A Henty is a touching masterpiece. It relates the account of the fall of Jerusalem as predicted in the Bible, God's Word, following the life of a fictional (I'm pretty sure) character called John-- who is later known as John of Gamala, due to his strategic attacks upon the Romans as they tried to conquer Israel and Judah completely. This is a very informative read, not to mention inspiring. This would make a really good popular historical TV series if followed to the "T". Another thing I gleaned from reading this is that great progress can only be made when people overlook their differences and are completely united under a worthy cause. To me, I see this as a lesson to us Christians, as we have so many divisions and denominations. If we can only forgive and overlook some of our disagreements, (with the exceptions of differing in extreme doctrinal matters, such as that Jesus Christ is God, their are three Persons in the Trinity, and that Jesus died to save all men, etc) and show LOVE like Jesus did, then I think we could make some more headway for His kingdom.
"For the Temple" re-ignites my love and passion for God's chosen people. The Lord will restore and already is restoring to them the years which the locusts have destroyed! Praise the Lord!!!!
All in all, this is a fantastic read. I recommend that everyone read this if they get the chance.
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