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Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2018
First off, I have to be fair. I have only read this graphic novel twice and each time it was in the collected edition and each time immediately after reading the Long Halloween, so I have not read it truly as a stand alone book, nor did i reach each issue as they came out. Secondly, it is harder than anything to write a good sequel, especially when you are writing a sequel to something like the Long Halloween, which was gripping, entertaining, and full of good plot. Loeb and Sale do a good jobber, bringing back the surviving characters from Long Halloween (like people would want), with some new players as well. The plot seems a bit recycled (although this time it is a cop killed every month instead of a gangster and the murders are based on the game of hangman instead of themed on a holiday that takes place that month.) I guess what gets me is that the characters are all pretty much the same. Batman constantly is referring to the vow he took on his parent's death, Gordon is missing Harvey Dent and he lives to work not works to live so his life is in the shitter. Catwoman is 1 part costume adventurer, 1 part snarky, one part coquette in equal measure, etc. They could have brought Robin in sooner and then used him for what why he was originally created: give Batman someone to talk to and take the edge off the character. I am not a huge fan of the art, either, but then it is dynamic (no pun intended) at times. I just feel that for the most part, it goes over the same old ground almost verbatim to the Long Halloween. With the exception of Robin, it doesn't really widen the particular world for Batman that they created. If you have never read it, you'll probably like it. If you have read Long Halloween but not this story I would still say it is required reading.
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