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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019
November 8, 2020 update:
I still really like this Kindle, and I stand by my review's pros and cons as I discussed below. I've read over 50 books on it since I purchased it and I'm a happy camper.

April 15, 2019 (Original review):
I had a Kindle touch years ago and had stopped using it. But I want to be able to focus on reading and not pop-ups from other apps so I bought this new Kindle to avoid the distractions of reading on my phone.

The device is smaller than both my original Kindle touch and my husband's Kindle Paperwhite. I was able to quickly get connect to the internet and begin downloading Kindle books I checked out via Overdrive. The device can be held in one hand comfortably, and it's lightweight enough to feel quite portable without appearing flimsy.

This Kindle has some buggy-feeling holdovers from previous generations: occasional leftover pixels during page/screen pages. However, I find the touch screen to be responsive without being jumpy. The bottom/power button sometimes takes an extra push to activate, or perhaps just needs me to focus a bit more. I don't mind the "special offers" and generally ignore them completely, yes, this is a generally annoying feature, but I'd rather spend that $20 on books. The backlight can be adjusted to read outdoors or in your bedroom in the dark (handy if your partner nags about keeping a booklight on).

Another reviewer commented on the PPI. Personally, as I don't use the device for pictures/illustrations/detailed charts, I frankly don't care. The images that appear in the special offers are clear enough, and the default sized print is crisp and clean and I have no issues reading without my glasses. If you frequently read books that are illustration/graphic-heavy, you may prefer a Paperwhite or other device.

I'll adjust my review if my sentiments change but for now I am very happy with my new Kindle.
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