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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2017
I've been using the regular clear non-tinted version of this for years and I love it just like everyone else. Never had any problems with the clear version on my acne prone skin. So, I recently thought I would try the tinted version and I absolutely loved it as well. I was surprised because there's never been a "tinted" anything that liked the color and consistency of until this- ***HOWEVER**** I wore the tinted version for a couple of weeks and I started breaking out, badly! I couldn't figure out why every single pore seemed to suddenly be clogged and inflamed out of no where! My skin had been improving so much prior to this point. I hadn't changed anything else in my regimen except switching to the tinted version. I really didn't think it could be the tinted version but I switched back to the clear version just to be on the safe side. Well my skin slowly started clearing back up. Just to satisfy my curiosity I looked up both the clear and tinted versions on the cosdna website (if you haven't used it before it's a wonderful site!) and come to find out the clear version has pretty much a squeaky clean profile, but the tinted version has a level 4-5 flag for one of the ingredients!!!! I knew I wasn't losing my mind and cosdna proved that this tinted version was most likely my culprit for the horrible breakout I had when I used it! Obviously I will only use the clear version from now on forever.
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