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Reviewed in the United States on June 16, 2017
Ryan Gordon is a HOT team mate. Hostile Operations Team executes hazardous, risky and covert missions for the United States. One of those missions results in Ryan meeting Emily Royal, retrieving her from her unwanted life in a terrorist camp. Ryan and Emily become friends, but don't believe they can ever be more due to her background. Her sister, Victoria, is a HOT sniper, and also believes Emily should focus on getting her life in order, not on any man. That's what has got her in trouble in the first place. Ryan and Emily still get swept up in a night of passion, before she is caught back up in her past. But fate and duty brings them back together and it is their magnetic connection that keeps them there. Suspenseful, fast paced action and intrigue keep this story exciting. The love between Ryan and Emily is meaningful and searing hot. A great combination for a terrific read.
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