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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2019
I've a degree in PR/Marketing and even I came away from reading this book with new ideas and possibilities in ways to strengthen my newsletter.

Labrecque has an easy, enthusiastic writing style that makes for easy reading. While I skimmed a number of pages, it wasn't because the info wasn't of value, it was because the content simply covered things I already knew. But, oh the small gems I found that I'd not considered before I made this wonderful find. (Must give David Gaughan credit for the recommendation in his newsletter.)

Authors up your game with this book (I took my author newsletter up to an 80% open rate). If you do regular newsletters, want to improve its reach, and maintain readership, this is the book to buy short of hiring someone like me (an author who moonlights as an author assistant) to do it for you. Even if you have an assistant, read the book and make your assistant read it too.

If a trained professional like me with 15+ years in publishing (5 in gov't/private sector) can learn from this book you can too. The content and advice enclosed is well worth the small price of the book. Also, if you check my profile, I don't 5-star books that often, only those worthy of that distinction. I'd give this book a 10 if possible.
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