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Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2021
I am in a mono open relationship. It started to help fulfill my wife's greater sexual needs and her relationships with other men were just sexual. Then she started to form emotional connections. I have had a hard time dealing with this in the past and have had bad jealousy ending her relationships. She just met a guy she really likes an wants to have a more serious relationship with so more polyamory. I have had jealous moments but have been doing better than in the past. I read other books on Polyamory to better understand it an it is something I want to support. This book came up. I just finished all the exercises, read every page of the book. I feel so much better and realize I have an abundance of love from my wife. I was already okay sharing her sexually but now I am feeling much better about sharing her love as well and being able to better understand my own jealousy and take actions to better support and love her than have bouts of jealousy. Great book! I recommend it to anyone in an open relationship and thank the author for putting so much thought into it, have exercises to go through as well as educating the reader the reasons we feel Jealousy and how feeling jealousy is normal but also in my case my jealous fails the reality check and are not rational.
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