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Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2017
I tell you what, man, back in 2006 Fox announced that the seventh season of KOTH would be coming out on dvd soon. 2007 came and went, no dvds. Fox announced that they scrapped their plans to release any more seasons of KOTH. Dang it, man, Dang it! The fans went crazy and petitioned Fox to please release KOTH but we just got ignored. That is just bad business Fox, dirty pool, Fox, dirty pool. Now listen up Fox, at Strickland the customer comes first. That is right, the customer comes first. I reckon Fox needs to be schooled on that lesson.

Flash forward to 2014. After nearly nine dang years of praying for this to come out, Olive Films comes to the rescue and starts releasing KOTH on dvd. Now I read some reviews on here and I got mighty scared to buy this, I tell you what. People were saying that their screens would just go black after an episode and not return to the menu, the dvds wouldn't play, and someone was even talking about dang tv logos at the beginning of the shows. I don't know if they got bad bootleg copies or what but the set I have plays perfectly. There are no tv logos and my dvds go back to the main menu after each episode. Every time, man, every dang time.

Yeah man, I tell ya what, man. Those dang ol' Fox flipper dvds, man. No worries, man, no worries. All 23 uncut episodes are on three single sided dual layered dvds. Let me break it on down for y'all:

Disc One:
01 Get Your Freak Off
02 The Fat And The Furious
03 Bad Girls, Bad Girls, Whatcha Gonna Do
04 Goodbye, Normal Jeans
05 Dances With Dogs
06 The Son Also Roses
07 The Texas Skilsaw Massacre
08 Full Metal Dust Jacket

Disc Two:
09 Pigmalion
10 Megadale
11 Boxing Luanne
12 Vision Quest
13 Queasy Rider
14 Board Games
15 An Officer And A Gentle Boy
16 The Miseducation Of Bobby Hill

Disc Three:
17 The Good Buck
18 I Never Promised You An Organic Garden
19 Be True To Your Fool
20 Racist Dawg
21 Night And Deity
22 Maid In Arlen
23 The Witches Of East Arlen

Video: The episodes are presented in a solid 1:33 transfer just like they aired. The colors pop and for the most part everything looks good. Sometimes I'll notice some jaggies in certain scenes but it isn't too dang bad or distracting.

Audio: English 2.0 and Spanish 2.0. The audio is clear sounding and I have no complaints.

Subtitles: English

Extras: Boy, I tell you what, man, this dang ol' set just has the episodes and nothing else. Dang ol' bare bones dvd. Dang it!
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