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Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2021
I will not spoil this movie, but using the old rating system I would have to give this movie a big "F*** Y**!!!"

How dare you add in Latinos...a pseudo-cultural identifier NOT a racial identifier, into what should be a TARGETED topic of police violence against Descendants of American Slaves. Have we forgotten that Mexicans, for example, were racially considered white just before the civil rights act lured white latinos and women to a buffet table of affirmative action measures...measures paid for with the red blood from black skinned bodies, meant for Descendants of American slaves. How dare you even do a slight reference to Malcom X when his primary goal both BEFORE and AFTER his split with the Nation of Islam was to improve the condition of black people (which at that time by default meant Descendants of American Slaves since immigration rates were so low from Africa and the Caribbean in the 1950's and 1960's it can be considered insignificant). How dare you!

So let me get this straight, let's say a person's family consciously immigrated to Cuba from Spain the 1900's (last time I checked a European country). They primarily only marry Castilians their entire lineage in Cuba...they emigrate to America after Castro...and just because they speak Spanish...they are the "brown" component in this mythical "black and brown" coalition....somehow they are not White Latinos...somehow their experience in America, a history of IMMIGRANTS and xenophobia not of FORCED SLAVERY and white supremacy and institutional racism is the same?...suddenly the Descendants of Cuban Slaves don't exist right?...Somehow we should forget that the white latino business man is considered white when he visits his family in Mexico City or in Rio De Janeiro ?? That he practices a franchised version of American Institutional Racism when he gets back home?Or that he has privilege from such a system in his home country? Somehow the imposed culture of the Conquistadors mixed with African culture of the enslaved people now residing in the pseudo-cultural identifier "latino" is their primary identifier and we can forget terms like "moreno morena" and "negrita and negrito" WITHIN Cuban society to racially stratify their society...go to the grocery store in a latin country...go to the cream of wheat isle and tell me if you see a black face-esque man on a harina el negrito box....GTFOH!!!!!!!!

Then you used a latin "gang" member to further this angle of some sort of joint struggle while legitimizing women's groups in the same scene breath...REALLY...

***Pause...UNLIKE A "LATIN" PERSON...A PERSON FROM A DESCENDANCY OF AMERICAN SLAVERY... who has to deal with the net effect of the LIVING GENOCIDE that is slavery means...We don't have a country to go to. There is no if you don't like it you can go home...THIS is home and even if we wanted to leave we have to check with our old pals Institutional and Systemic Racism to see if our bank account will let us. There is a difference in the violence we experience and the violence an immigrant or emigrant experiences when they CHOSE this as their country. They have options...they can stay here and deal with the xenophobia they experience (as again latino is not a racial identifier it is a pseudo cultural identifier), they can go home to their home country, or they can go to another country. They could also make REAL coalitions with Descendants of American Slaves in this country in fighting white supremacy and institutional racism on a policy level like ADVOCATING FOR REPARATIONS TO DESCENDANTS OF AMERICAN SLAVES but for reasons I will get to that is not going to happen.

**ONEMOGIN PAUSE** Tell me Nate...who is the latin film maker bringing up the plight of Descendants of American Slaves in their latin language film where they are primarily bringing up their issues? Tell me where ??? What film is it?? But despite, this mythical "coalition" not having any concrete benefit, outside of white liberal talking points, to Descendants of American Slaves, we constantly drag "latinos" primarily WHITE latinos into our struggle...Well let's talk about that struggle with white latinos...

Can we talk about the latin (read: white latino) gangs in Chicago THIS SUMMER who tried to attack the protesters advocating for an end to anti-black racism there? Or the Varrio Hawaiian Gardens gang that tried to, WITH TARGETTED TERROR CAMPAIGNS mind you, tried to run black people out of L.A.?? Or the gangs who as a part of their initiation have to kill a black person (man woman child no importance)....Name one la raza group that has been advocating for reparations for Descendants of American Slaves for 60 about a press release last year??? No?? Can't find one??? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!

And then women's issues...nevermind the fact lack of black male led families is the primary means of imposing white supremacy (read Willie Lynch's idea of marriage if you don't believe me-google it then go to the image section), let's talk about it... women became a minority group in the 60's because they (read-the white supremacy power structure) did not want to directly benefit the Descendants of American Slaves as a cohesive and, at that time, male led family oriented group and they wanted to divide and conquer our people to be clear Nate don't get distracted the possessive pronoun our is referring to Descendants of American Slaves, I don't want you distracted. Therefore. white women (and by extension THEIR FAMILIES), by the numbers, have been the primary beneficiaries of that protected minority status AND the resources of affirmative action. White women and by extension their families have had access to those resources for over 60 years... again resources that were supposed to be bestowed to the Descendants of American Slaves (men AND women as a group) but was instead divided up to women mostly white women while we received benign know Nate the benign neglect that led directly to cointelpro, crack sentencing laws and mass incarceration...YET you try to shoe horn in a latin female feminist who by the way distinctly distinguishes herself that she is fighting for her issues....a dog whistle to black feminists...a dog whistle to black feminist ...who instead of being a cohesive unit in the fight against white supremacy and institutional racism are often used as tools against the struggle. Im sorry are we resource rich or resource poor? White women are resource rich. Black women are resource poor...but they share what struggle? White men are the primary face of white supremacy (followed closely by white women) are black men the face of black supremacy? Or the face of its victims? How do we "oppress" our women again?? Outside of falling victim to the prelaid traps of white supremacy and institutional racism designed to raise orphaned black children?

How did you handle this? You sent a dog whistle to black women saying "well if there is a latin woman standing up for herself (for herself) as a woman than maybe I should put my womanhood above my race too". The PROBLEM is again, "latin" is a pseudo CULTURAL is a racial identifier. They have black latinos and white latinos, they also have Indian Latinos and Asian Latinos too. The RACIAL identifier however is THE determinate as to how one is treated within their native caste system. A white not treated the same as a black woman...and a WHITE latin woman is not treated the same as a BLACK latin woman...don't believe me...come to the Dominican Republic...come to Brazil NATE...come to Bolivia...come to MEXICO...let me show you how they treat Lupita Nyongo's people in Mexico. Or better should we ask Eva Longoria how specifically she has advanced the black struggle or her views of black women as a "coalition" partner in feminism.

And that ending...HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!! Trying to drum up sympathy for the character with that paint by numbers ending after showing such weakness GTFOH!!!!!! go through the door...hop off the porch...go through the gate in the front yard and start walking down the dirt road a ways....

a writer is the God of the world he dare you create such a world for your characters and think that it has relevance to the REAL issues in this one. Dare I say...if you don't have the courage to speak the truth, stay silent.

This movie is TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you get the question get the answer wrong.
The question isn't... "how to stop police violence for "black and brown" people?"
The question is .... " how do we stop the multi-century practice of enslavement of Descendants of American Slaves, (since the 13th amendment makes current black prisoners Slaves of the State reaffirmed by an 1871 supreme court decision), whether through plantation masters and overseers, slave catchers and local sheriffs, or police departments and police unions?"

THAT is the question...and the answer is reparations. If you get the question get the answer wrong.
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