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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 13, 2018
FYI: Most of the 5-star reviews were written the day the book was published by the author's friends, many of whom are thanked/listed *literally at the end of the book* so probably these are not objective reviews but rather friends helping out friends.

A lot of the "meat" of this book—such as it is—is merely rehashed material from Jake and John's free "Time Dorks" blog on Medium.

It is ironic for a book about saving time/using time wisely to be 284 pages long when the same material could be covered in a 750-or-less-word HuffPo article.

Some of the bleeding-edge, provocative, never-before-thought-of time-saving ideas contained in this book include:

--Don't go on Facebook
--Don't watch too much TV
--Focus on one thing at a time
--Focus only on important tasks
--Don't use your smart phone
--Remove all the apps from your smart phone
--Don't overcommit
--Don't take your laptop home from work
--Don't watch the news
--Take naps
--Go for walks
--Pack light
--Work out sometimes
--Drink tea instead of coffee
--Take a day off sometimes
--Only eat healthy food
--Hang out with your friends
--Don't procrastinate

Srsly LOL.

Oh and there are a lot of silly, unnecessary cartoons and comic book-y block quotes the only purpose of which is to make the book thicker.

Save your money. Save trees. "Make Time" for yourself by NOT reading this book.
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