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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2017
I would rather hand-place every letter of a vinyl cutout of the entire Webster's dictionary on the ceiling of Grand Central Station than use this transfer tape.

I have tried using it time and time again and it simply is too sticky and won't release the vinyl. I've tried it on multiple surfaces. I've tried it on a variety of vinyls (glitter, etc) I've tried using a microfiber cloth to take some of the sticky off. I've tried pulling slowly, pulling at an angle, using the hook, using the brayer, squirting it with alcohol, freezing it, thawing it, talking nicely to it, cursing it. None of it matters. I either end up wrecking my design or hand peeling it off of the tape and hand placing it anyway.

I give up. You win, Cricut Transfer Tape. You're the worst.
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