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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2018
I have flat feet and now 70.I live in Sacramento, and I was raised on Guam when my feet were young and i travel to Hawaii now a few times a year. I wear flip flops even in our mild winters....Obviously, I hate closed toed shoes...My right hip and leg now pays the price...I get it...more then one podiatrist of recent has tried to sell me the 400 buck-700 buck orthotic to put in a sneaker...I tried one recently on a trial run, and in a few hours the doc had his sneaker back..Of course he said there was no such flip flop to deliver what I needed and my condition would worsen. Not to throw anyone under the bus,my flippys of choice was Teva and Sanuk.and.forget Dr. Scholls inserts. So I looked on Amazon,cause reviews mean alot to me. If YOU tried them and liked them,then maybe me too...WOW...I am an 8,and the fit is true to size,too many colors to choose from,but chose a neutral in Java..I put them on, and immediately thought the arch is too high BUT listened to a few reviews from you gals out there and kept them on...Now I can't take them off,the pain is gone and they seem to have molded to my feet. I found out that one foot is worse then the other. The painful right side foot was definitely flatter, and now they feel equal...All I can say is MAHALO..I AM DELIGHTED BEYOND WORDS.and NO folks I do not work for them....will call my podiatrist and let him know..THERE IS AN ORTHOTIC FLIP FLOP...and it works...
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